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Irish Motorsport Survey

Dear Friends in Motorsport,

Some of you will have heard via your clubs that we are undertaking a survey of all those who participate in our sport, from spectators, marshals, competitors, to volunteers. Our goal is to understand the issues and opportunities within our sport and community, and be equipped to bring our sport into the next stage of development successfully.

We are encouraging all to go online now to complete a survey at

It will not take up more than 15 minutes of your time, and will be invaluable in gauging opinions and setting direction.

Please go online now to complete and encourage your family members and club members to do the same.

Yours in Motorsport,

Joe Corcoran

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Craig Breen WRC 2014 Profile 2014

  • 18/08/2014 16:02:43

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Safe is Fast


SAFE Is Fast was created by The Road Racing Drivers Club In the U.S.A. and is supported by the FIA Institute and the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund. SAFE is an acronym for Skilled, Assured, Fit and Empowered, the qualities that make racing safer and drivers more competent. Much of the video content applies equally to other forms of motorsport and may prove beneficial to all aspiring young drivers who wish to progress in the sport.

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