Watch the 1996 Circuit of Ireland from 7pm on Thursday, April 8th

Motorsport Ireland will stream highlights of the 1996 Circuit of Ireland from 7pm on Thursday, April 8th.

This week’s Motorsport Ireland – RIAC classic video from the RPM Motorsport collection is highlights from the 1996 Circuit of Ireland with commentary from Alan Tyndall and Gary Gillespie.

What the 1996 Circuit of Ireland lacked in quantity in certainly made up for in quality with the winners from the previous three Circuits, Austin McHale, Stephen Finlay and Bertie Fisher in attendance, as well as rising stars like Liam O’Callaghan, Andrew Nesbitt and Ian Greer, all in four wheel drive Group A machinery. Fisher and Finlay set the pace at the front but Fisher’s event was beset by a number of uncharacteristic errors, the final of which dropped him to fourth place. After four days of rallying it was Finlay who would emerge victorious taking his second win on the event in three years.

This programme will be available to stream below from 7pm on April 8th: 

Next week’s upload will feature highlights from the 1996 Irish Super Prix where Swede Johan Rajamaki set a new Mondello lap record in his ex F1 Footwork-Judd.

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