Watch the 1992 Circuit of Ireland Retrospective from 7pm, Thursday January 13th

Motorsport Ireland will stream the 1992 Circuit of Ireland Retrospective from 7pm this Thursday.

This week’s Motorsport Ireland – RIAC classic video from the RPM Motorsport collection is highlights from the 1992 Circuit of Ireland Retrospective.

With rallying growing into a sprint sport, with ever increasing technology in the cars, by the early 90s there was a sizeable appetite to run events in the old way with a focus on navigation, precision and endurance. UAC’s Circuit of Ireland Retrospective certainly ticked that box, taking the event back to it’s origins with standard road going cars, regularity sections and autotests as the crews travelled from North to South over 3 days to the finish in Waterford where Hill Scott and Isaac Busby were crowned the winners in their MG Midget.

This programme will be available to stream below from 7pm on January 13th.


Next week’s upload will feature highlights from the 1982 Galway International Rally.

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