The role of the Sector Marshal is to manage a specific location and to set-up and manage a team of marshals at that location.

They must carry out the role in a responsible manner and they must be accountable for what happens at the location. It is a very responsible job and it is one that is mainly carried out by very senior Marshals who have years of experience and knowledge. They are people who are specifically trained through this course to utilise their skills in all situations to get the best out of the people around them and to try pass on their knowledge to the people they work with. 

The content of this course includes:

  • Respect module
  •  Introduction
  • The future of the Sport of Rallying
  • Marshaling
  • The Role of the Sector Marshal
  • Spectator Management
  • The MI Accredited Media
  • Accident Management
  • Sector Marshal Conduct
  • Assessment

Download the Aims & Objectives of Sector Marshal Training

As with all Motorsport Ireland training, this course is free of charge but subject to availability, as places are limited. Some courses require applicants to have a set amount of experience or hold a particular grade of licence. This training is prepared and delivered by highly trained personnel. The course is constantly updated to include the latest information and it can lead on to other roles. Future courses will include a pre-screening eligibility questionnaire.


To learn more about Motorsport Ireland training courses, please email [email protected] or phone Ronnie Murphy, Motorsport Ireland Safety and Training Officer on (+353) 1 677 5628

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