Senior Officials are the men and women, who on a weekly basis, keep the motorsport machine running. 

These are the people who plan, organise, and run each of our events with military precision. They know what is happening and when it is supposed to be happening.They have gained this knowledge through years of experience and are trained to the highest standards in motorsport.

Each year, Motorsport Ireland runs a series of Senior Official courses. These courses are designed to enhance the competency levels of our existing Officials, and also upskill new personnel who wish to get involved in this part of the sport. 

These are full day courses which includes a mix of first-time officials and existing personnel so that they can all learn from each other in the room. The courses are generally run between November and February each year, which is generally a relatively quiet period for motorsport. These courses cover all aspects of the role and are free of charge. Generally, first time officials are nominated by their clubs and existing official licence holders wishing to renew their licence will apply to Motorsport Ireland to do the course. 

These courses are designed for all disciplines of the sport and are delivered by instructors who have years of experience in motorsport and are trained to deliver these courses. 

Some of the modules covered on the course are as follows: 

  • The Respect Module
  • Roles of the Officials
  • Rule Changes
  • Safety Procedures
  • Judicial Procedures
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Protest Hearing Procedures

As with all Motorsport Ireland training, this course is free of charge but subject to availability, as places are limited. Some courses require applicants to have a set amount of experience or hold a particular grade of licence. This training is prepared and delivered by highly trained personnel. The course is constantly updated to include the latest information and it can lead on to other roles. Future courses will include a pre-screening eligibility questionnaire.

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To learn more about Motorsport Ireland training courses, please email [email protected] or phone Ronnie Murphy, Motorsport Ireland Safety and Training Officer on (+353) 1 677 5628

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