Timekeeping is an essential element of most motorsport events, with the timekeeper’s role being to record competitor times and positions in order to determine the event results. 

The tools used for timekeeping range from simple hand-held stopwatches to complex electronic timing systems that can accurately measure to the nearest thousandth of a second. Timekeepers are specially trained by experience timekeepers. 

If you want to become an assistant timekeeper and have not already completed training, you will need to be a licensed official and be nominated by a current timekeeper licence holder. You will then be trained in the fine art of timekeeping. To progress up to national and international level, you must have the experience and the recommended training completed at all levels.

As with all Motorsport Ireland training, this course is free of charge but subject to availability, as places are limited. Some courses require applicants to have a set amount of experience or hold a particular grade of licence. This training is prepared and delivered by highly trained personnel. The course is constantly updated to include the latest information and it can lead on to other roles. Future courses will include a pre-screening eligibility questionnaire.


To learn more about Motorsport Ireland training courses, please email [email protected] or phone Ronnie Murphy, Motorsport Ireland Safety and Training Officer on (+353) 1 677 5628.

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